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"Important information"

.. says the IKEA website, in red.
IKEA is closely monitoring the situation in Japan after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear incidents and taking action accordingly.

Coo. And what might that be? I've seen IKEA stuff say it's made in Austria to Vietnam (and I may have missed out anything later in the alphabet) but not, I think, Japan.

Still, there's the option to "Read more". Click.
Sorry, an error has occurred. Please take one of the following actions: 1. If this page is being displayed whilst paying for a Shop Online order DO NOT click 'back' and place your order again. [..] 2. If you are viewing this error whilst generally browsing the site, please click the link below and return to the home page. Thank you for your patience.

(All in red)

The home page is where I came from.

Looking at the Japanese site (in English), I see the message from Mikael Palmquist, Country Manager IKEA Japan:
We would like to convey our deepest condolences for the people affected by the 3.11 Earthquake and Tsunami.

IKEA stores have been built according to the highest safety standards. Fortunately, there was no customer injury, and the safety of all our store buildings has already been confirmed by the construction companies.

We IKEA, however, have decided to voluntarily and temporarily refrain from opening our three Kanto stores...

Perhaps that was what the UK site wanted to say: in case you were thinking of shopping there, we're closing our three of our five stores in Japan for a bit.

In other news, they're still selling what I was looking for on the site. At least in the UK.

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