Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Pimping my home

So, L starts her new job in Newark next week, going up to Nottinghamshire on Mondays and coming back on Fridays. Assuming it goes to plan, everyone will be moving there in, say, August.

Which leaves the question of what to do with here. It's possible L-soon-to-be-18 will need his room here (he has an ludicrously low offer from Camberwell Art College - the only way he could fail to make it is if he is caught cheating in all his exams) or he could be somewhere else.

A decision has been taken not to sell here, partly because it's not a seller's market, partly because there's not much left on the mortgage (buying a long time ago plus overpaying for the past few years has seen to that), and partly because there's never been a good time to sell in London in the expectation of being able to buy here easily again (even if prices fall, they usually fall more elsewhere!)

So will anyone be looking for somewhere in SE London to rent from, say, August?

It's nominally a two bedroom house, but currently has three bedrooms (two large, one small) due to using a conservatory as the dining room (very nicely too) and shifting rooms about (the living room became L1x's room, the dining room became the living room etc). Exactly how furnished it would be is negotiable.

Edwardian terrace, with nice kitchen, new large bathroom, efficient central heating, original fire places etc. One downside is that a previous owner - who left all the interiors alone - decided stone cladding was neat. But as the estate agent said when they sold it to L, you'll be on the inside looking out...

It's about two minutes from Crofton Park station (zone 3, to Blackfriars and St Pancras etc) and about seven from Honor Oak Park (also zone 3, different line, now part of London Overground). Five bus routes are two to three minutes away. A range of shops is one minute away ..but despite all that remains a quiet street.

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