Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Pimping my CV 2

It turns out that a permanent job paying £10k is worth £60k more.

My first thought was that this is close to mis-selling, and my second was spoken out loud: this is what joint and several liability gets you. Them being able to chase two people with jobs for everything makes you a much better risk.

A job paying £20k is worth an additional £40k, or £100k more than no job.

Sadly, agency work doesn't count until you've done a year of it and I suspect self-employment is similar.

So it'd be quite nice to have a job. Part-time is very fine with me.

I can't find it on the Guardian's site but in the past couple of years there was something in its jobs/careers section one week with a letter from someone not too dissimilar to me: an unconventional job history, clever and good at various things, but not an obvious fit for one particular job. The expert's comment was something like 'someone every office could use but doesn't advertise for'. Can anyone with a better database than me find it?

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