Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

I don't often watch streams on the BBC website/iplayer

.. it's so rare I want to see something live* as it's usually much easier to torrent stuff that someone else has downloaded.

However it's the only way for me to see some games from the snooker championships.

For those more used to it, there's often a black translucent bar at the bottom of the picture with several controls (a stop button, volume control, 'pop out' / full screen buttons etc). How do you get rid of that?

My current method involves having the mouse stationary over the stream, close to the side, wait until the bar disappears then moving the mouse away from the whole window. That works, but then it comes back a few minutes later, despite the mouse being nowhere near the window (which doesn't have focus).

* live-ish because there's a significant delay, more than the already noticeable one watching via Freeview.

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