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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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SD card data recovery
mini me + poo
The microSD card in Shiny has stopped mounting, whether in the phone or in a card adaptor on the PC.

Has anyone used a data recovery service for this sort of thing? I have a budget in mind and I suspect it is rather lower than anyone would charge, not least because there is nothing that would be incredibly awful to lose on it - the photos were nice but nothing important, for example.

The main thing I'm annoyed about is that it'll take a day or two to rescan a thousand odd covers for the DVD database, for example.

I'm also trying to remember where I got the card from. It is Sandisk, it can't be that old, and I expect them to replace the thing.

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Sandisk SD card in an Android HTC phone? That's interesting - mine (4gig, the one that came with my Desire)did the exact same thing. I have a new one, now, and fingers crossed it hasn't played up yet.

It is almost impossible (or it was when I worked for dictophone) to get data of sd cards if they have stopped working.
I remember with one important client we sent the card to a lab in the states to try and get the data back but they too failed to recover anything. I had many a angry call with clients mainly solicitors and doctors about this issue.
And the mantra is backup, backup and backup again.

Well, the S = Secure :/

It is the first memory card that has ever failed on me. It's still returning its size, but that's about it with the software I have here.

It turns out that the actual Shelves database is on the phone and all I've lost of it are the little pictures of the covers, which a) I can live without and b) I can ask the author for a 'get them' feature to be added.

Apart from that, there are some photos I don't really care about and, erm, that's it I think. I just need to reinstall a few programs.

On the PC, it would take two companies, one of them Google, to fail before we lose email / photos / documents.

I have faced one or two instances of abrupt data loss with my sony phones too, where the card is unable to get recognized by phone. At that time i had used http://www.retrievephotos.com/, a product specially designed to recover photos, audios and videos. It had helped me a lot.. But I have nt used it since a while as my phone is working good now.

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