Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Mr X has been found!

As part of preparing to move, yesterday I ventured into the corners of the loft, to places last touched about four and a half years ago following the death of my mother when most of my games collection moved from a room at her house.

Scotland Yard turned up in an early IKEA bag. I expected it to be somewhere up there, given I couldn't find it elsewhere. We played it last night.

Much more of a surprise was Moviemaker. It's a 1970s 'roll the dice and move the dobber' game with some added decision making, but if you're going to play such a game, this is definitely one of the better ones. It's waiting for JA to be back from Woodcraft camp this afternoon.

Unsurprisingly, the game's theme is making films. As you go around the board, you buy up scripts, directors, stars and locations. Epics are worth £5m on completion, but need four locations. Horror films are worth £1m, and only need one. Directors vary from first rate to fourth rate, and the better they are, the more their films are worth. Stars have a speciality, so Turk Logan is worth £500k in an epic and good in Westerns, but is only worth £100k in a horror film, while conversely Lucretia Fang is worth £500k in horror, good in musicals/comedies, but only worth £100k in an epic. So do you throw together a film with whoever happens to be available and start earning money or do you hold out for the best possible cast and crew? There are various other complications (like distribution companies - they cost a bit, but make your films worth more and generate income from other players - and random events) but it all adds up to a fun family game.

I had thought my sister had it. I knew she had the ancient family Sorry, but that wasn't difficult to replace. Moviemaker on the other hand, can go for silly money on eBay. Even though it's vastly better than another eBay favourite, Hotel, I wasn't going to pay that. It's a sign of how busy I was then that it ever went up there...

The other surprise was just how many games there are still up there! There's somewhere around a dozen IKEA bags plus several large boxes to go. The large majority are going to be sold / given away, so if there's something not too recent you've always wanted, do let me know.

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