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It is not who some of you think it might be...

but I was recently asked for advice by someone.

He's about 30, a virgin - certainly by the not having had intercourse definition, although he has "fooled around" with a few women at parties - and never had a significant relationship. He's also aware of an attraction to and desire for sex with men, but hasn't done anything about that.

The reason given for these virginities is work, or rather lots and lots of study. Now he's got his qualifications, has some free time, and wants to explore his sexuality. In the past, he tried going to a prostitute, but that resulted in "failure" ie impotence, partly because it was clear she was only interested in the money.

He's lined up some time in somewhere with an active gay scene to explore the sex with men side, but what to do about women? He thinks that he needs to be "experienced" before finding a long-term partner.

I know what I suggested about all this, but I am curious as to what y'all would have said or asked.

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