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Once more into the upgrade, once more

I have been resisting doing the upgrade to Linux Mint 11 (which reckons it's the world's fourth most popular OS, behind a security risk from Microsoft, a pretty BSD/Mach, and Ubuntu) because, like the Ubuntu 11.04 it's based on, it uses Firefox 4.

And BarTab - the add-on that lets you keep several hundred tabs open, because it only opens one per window when you restart Firefox - doesn't work with that version yet. FF 4 does only load a few tabs at a time, rather than attempting to load all of them at once, but it would still take forever as well as the memory issues.

But there's a tiny addon, Load Tabs Progressively, that does work (it claims to work up to version 6!) and which allows you to say 'I want you to load n tabs at once, opening up to a maximum of m'. So to duplicate BarTab, you'd set both of those to one.

So, here we go... let's see if the upgrade works.

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