Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Another summer, another English National Opera season comes to an end

Friday is the last night for Two Boys, which I saw tonight. If you've been reading my opera posts, you'll know I am not a fan of most modern operas, but the best bits of this one do sound like Philip Glass (that's meant to be praise) and, while I'd expect everyone here to have worked out what happens in the end within five minutes, the production is very very good. Expect this one to win the opera Olivier Award, because there's lots to like, including what they do with the surtitle screen* - while they sing English during the internet chat sessions, the surtitles are in txtspeak!

Saturday is the last night for Simon Boccanegra. This is Verdi, so it has tunes. The first scene is very promising, but then it goes into grey box territory (partly so they can project images of the first scene over the walls at a couple of points. No mind, you can always close your eyes and listen to the music and the very fine singing.

Both should be available at the half-price booth in Leicester Square.

* Even though (almost) everything at ENO is in English, for the past few years, the words have been displayed above the stage anyway.

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