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It wasn't next

Nice to be reminded that the original is still the best, even if it would be so much better if they'd not added the top and tail to make a flashback structure and kept the original ending. It's not easy to guess what the BBFC censored: the morals of the main couple (just divorced but sleeping with each other?) or a mother wanting to body snatch her child? Oh, apparently it's references to Burke and Hare!?!

I was going to follow it with the first .. Body Snatchers remake, but it doesn't look like I have it. (It must have been borrowed from a library at some point, because I know I've seen one of the extras.)

I do have a few (cough) others to watch though. A third visit to the Nottingham IKEA solved the problem of what to put behind the TV etc in the slightly annoyingly sized alcove as storage: three Billy 40cm bookcases and one Benno 20cm CD/DVD tower. It turns out that you can fit eleven DVDs on each shelf of the latter and there are eight shelves when using it for DVDs.

If we assume that each title has one ordinary sized DVD case (right for the vast majority, although up to 21 times wrong for a few) then if I hadn't disposed of most of the cases, it'd take about 14 towers to fit the collection - twice the space that's there. (And some of the space is relatively had to access, being directly behind the TV.) Umm, yeah I know, but DVDs are very cheap second-hand.

Still, I don't buy everything - I found a copy of the wonderful conspiracy thriller Capricorn One on Thursday and declined it on the basis that it was 4:3 format. It turns out that the imdb mobile site does not consider things like original aspect ratio - or indeed awards - something you might want to know, but it was originally widescreen and if there isn't a widescreen DVD out - the Amazon mobile site does not etc etc - there will be.

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