Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Quick opera in London post

Longer comments about both 'soon', but I recommend both Castor and Pollux and Eugene Onegin at ENO.

You can now do the former for a tenner: £10 upper or dress circle tickets and £20 stalls tickets for performances on Sat 19 Nov, Thur 24 Nov and Thur 1 Dec 2011. Pick the seats you want on eno.org, and enter the code CASTOROFFER at the checkout. There's a £1.55 booking fee per transaction, but you can book multiple seats in one go. An optional donation of £3.50 will be automatically added - untick the box to opt out.

It's in English, modern dress, simple set, beautifully sung. It includes naked people :) but is not necessarily the best intro to opera if you've never seen one / only seen say Gilbert and Sullivan.

The latter may be available at the tkts booth in Leicester Square on the day: typically £25 for dress circle or stalls. If not, you can do day seats for £19. If you like musicals with plots, you'll like this one: Tchaikovsky can do great themes and there is some wonderful singing. About my only complaint is that they could hold off dropping the curtain at the end of each scene.

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