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I thought everyone who would be interested in this knew about it already, but apparently not...

Remainder bookshop chain The Works are selling some 'Eurogames' off cheaply. As well as in their stores - the larger, the more choice you're likely to see - their website has a selection which changes as things go into and out of stock somewhere in their supply chain.

Looking at what's left on the site at the moment, I have:

Fast Flowing Forest Fellers - stupid name, interesting game with simple rules. You have two or three pieces trying to make their way down a river (with lots of double-sided boards, you have over a hundred different arrangements) with plenty of opportunities to give your other pieces a boost or push others into backwards currents or put logs in their way.

Ming Dynasty - widely available in even small branches. Boardgamegeek.com suggests that as printed, there are some rules problems, but letting others sort those out looks like it may leave a worthwhile more 'gamer' game.

Strozzi - also widely available in the shops, but I'd got this one long before they remaindered it. It's one of Reiner Knizia's 'I need to think what will this be worth at some point in the future so I know what I bid for it now' games. A bit dry, and not necessarily one to get out on Christmas day, but definitely worth £7.99 if you like this sort of thing.

If Wishes Were Fishes - back to the family-friendly stuff. You're trying to catch and sell fish. Each turn, you can sell fish, or catch one and either keep it for later sale or throw it back in exchange for a 'wish' (a bonus like another boat). The worms are particularly nicely silly.

Alhambra expansions - these need you to have the original. I do and even though I am not entirely sure why it won the the SdJ (the German 'game of the year' award), these were worth the money.

I don't have, but it's widely available in the shops and I would be interested to know more about...

The Three Commandments - I passed because it looks like a commercialisation of a classic 'one player sets some secret rules about playing cards and other players have to work out what they are' from A Gamut of Games.

Not currently on the site, but widely available:

Ponte del Diavolo - a nicely presented two player abstract where you try to link islands togther.

Not currently on the site, but have been and are in larger stores:

Aqua Romana, Montego Bay, Caylus Magna Carta, Ys, By Golly!, Maori, Airships, Royal Palace, La Citta, Notre Dame (you're building Paris around the cathedral and the more people in your area, the more rats you have to deal with), Oregon, Alhambra - The Dice Game (at heart, it's a Yacht / Yahtzee varient, but with some nice twists), plus I am hoping for reappearances of Yspahan, Amyitis, and Hamburgum (at one point, I had the latter in my 'cart' but attempting to get the last of the former meant it went out of stock before I confirmed the purchase, grrr...)

There are also some games more for kids - in the above, By Golly! (a memory game involving poo) is the main example but there are others worth looking at.

All of these are better than Monopoly and the 99% of the stock of a non-specialist games shop.

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