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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Last night's TV
mini me + poo
.. consisted of the first episode of the new series of Being Human and the Superbowl.

The latter was another enthralling game of inches which I stayed up until the end to watch, while the former was a bit odd in places.

Superbowl: the BBC threesome had a copy of the playsheet from one of the teams from last year's event. It'd be interesting to see the Patriot's defensive one from this year's. How often does 'let them ensure they score a touchdown' appear as a defensive play call, I wonder? Even if when it's the right thing to do.

Being Human: When the use of face protection for one vampire-werewolf killing was mentioned midway through, my ears pricked up. In the previous three series, has there been any mention that werewolf blood is fatal to vampires? Without watching them all again, I don't think so: we've had vampires deliberately setting up werewolf fights without worrying about blood splatter before. So it would have been much better to have had a different way of resolving the fight at the end.

There was also a distinct "I've seen the first two Terminator films and I'm going to use that" feel. Are we going to be treated to time-travelling ghosts? Please no...

Apart from that, it was good but very much an 'establishing a restart' episode.

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Being Human: Completely agree about the werewolf blood. I've just rewatched the last two series and there are so many things that would be completely different if werewolf blood were to be poisonous to vampires.

There has been lots and lots of werewolf blood deliberately spilt in the Being Human world. We had the vampires beating the crap out of George when he first meets Mitchell. Mitchell doesn't seem bothered by George's blood in the whole time they live together. The vampire hunter, McNair, who raises Tom never mentions this poison thing at all either. We even had Herrick being killed by George at the end of the first series by tearing him apart.

Contamination would have been so much easier!

So, not digging the end of George at all. Hate the bloke who is playing the Vampire Recorder with a passion and didn't find the latest crop of vampires to be remotely threatening. The series really misses Nina. I think they'd have coped without Mitchell. But with only Annie from the original cast, it's too much to carry.

Hm. Will have to give it a few more episodes but so far, it's not looking brilliant to me.

I liked the 'why are you all living in the past?' vampire who, I think, didn't get killed, thus setting up a nice contrast between him and the Vampire Recorder.

It remains vastly better than the US version too, even if I am thinking that the 'Oh, the third and final piece of the parchment changes everything' plot device has been used far too often before.

I'm also at the 'give it a few more episodes' stage as well - I wasn't overly impressed...

I like the new sexy vampire who looks like a member of Mumford & Sons. Mmm.

But yeah, I wondered about the blood thing too. And the whole 'vampire lore' business - that's mostly new, isn't it? And why does the lore-keeper not want to kill the baby?

I like that they seem to be setting up for a longer story arc though.

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