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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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O2 and the Pontius Pilate impersonation
mini me + poo

A while ago – at some point, I will find the post I made about it – I bought an O2 Joggler. The original idea was to put a better version of Linux on it and use it as a very inexpensive tablet computer for the kitchen.

Sadly, I was out-voted on this and it's stayed running the original OS. One reason was the Pure Digital internet radio application on it – particularly useful in Newark before a spot was found where a 'real' digital radio would work in the kitchen.

But, from the O2 'support' FAQ that a recent message on the Joggler's messenger application points you to:

What’s happening to the O2 Joggler?

We are updating the Joggler between 30th April and 4th May .. we’ll be removing the O2 apps.

We are doing this so that we can focus on bring new, more innovative services to market.

What happens to apps currently on the Joggler device?

You’ll still have loads of apps available after the update, however all O2 provided apps including Calendar, Messaging, Sky, Traffic Master & Pure Radio will be removed. In most cases, you should be able to find alternatives to most of the O2 services once your device is updated.

The primary feature they marketed when the Joggler was launched was the shared calendar. (The Joggler was supposed to be 'your new fridge door', the place for notes to each other and a way to plan stuff together.) But…

What's happening to the O2 Family Calendar App?

It will be removed when the device is updated. ..

We’ll give you plenty of time to start using a new service, but we won’t be able to offer you your O2 Family Calendar data back.

'Plenty of time' = about a month, by the way.

What if I have a problem with my Joggler?

After your device has been updated, O2 will no longer be offering full technical support. However, you can consult the FAQs if you have questions and we will also do our best to help out.

So they're doing a compulsory and destructive 'upgrade' on kit they've sold and they're not going to support it afterwards… Is it just me, or does that stink?

Update: Oh, the original marketing is still on the O2 site! What were the reasons to buy it?

  • Listen to your favourite radio station. Powered by Pure, the internet radio includes around 100 stations – GOING
  • Add events and appointments to your interactive calendar. The O2 Joggler will then text reminders to everyone on O2 – GOING
  • Send text messages to and from your O2 Joggler* – that's 50 free texts a month GOING
  • Watch videos, listen to music, and look at photos** – it'll still able to do that
  • Keep up-to-date with news and sports headlines – the services used for this are GOING
  • Get weather reports and traffic updates – the services used for this are GOING

Now, you can argue – as O2 do – that at least some of those will be replaced by alternative services. But not the top three reasons for buying the thing.

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Similar is happening to my Orange Tabbée (also running Linux, and bought specifically because it does). I am also pretty cross, even though they're not removing services I actually used particularly.

I onl;y recently acquired a Joggler, was planning to break it anyway with UEFI messing around and a linux of some form off a memory stick. However it's become my de facto room clock now, so I may have to get a second one to hack :)

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