Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

And now, I never will

Stephen Hendry retires as a snooker professional.

He was not the most talented player, but he was undoubtedly the best and deserves a long tribute programme at some point. Until this year, he was the youngest player ever to play at the Word Championships - Willie Thorne likes to joke that he 'murdered him 10-8' in that match. He remains the youngest ever to get to ever other round, including winning it.

Other records include most world titles in the modern era (seven), most ranking titles (36), most competitive century breaks (775), the list goes on..

I'd love to see his match with Jimmy White in 1988 again - probably the quickest 13-12 match in history, with both players repeatedly winning in one visit from the slightest opening from the break off - but it is the four finals with Jimmy that they'll concentrate on. I've mentioned the 18-14 win today, but he also won his first 18-12, had a then record 18-5, and the last of them was an 18-17 thriller.

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