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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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(no subject)
mini me + poo
Over the weekend, I spotted an ad for some interesting sounding sex toys, complete with an email address. As ever, I added www. to the domain and had a look. No response. OK, well some people don't have a website... let's have a look via whois and see who's behind the anonymous postal address they give.

Not registered.

So I registered it the next day, as you do (this would make a good katyha survey question!)

And the mail's come flooding in over the past two days!

Well, seven identical copies of a 'I've stolen $25m, but it's in a Nigerian bank account and I need an accomplice' spams. Plus a different one. And a ''I've stolen $35m, but it's in a South African bank account...' Amusingly, the last tw?t gives a London fax number, so it's off to the DTI with that one.

Oh, and an email asking how the ad's worked from the publisher.

{I thought I'd posted about this, but going to add a comment, I see that something obviously got in the way of actually pressing 'post'... BTW, if you think you're missing something here, it's probably because you're not on my friends list - half my posts get the friends-only tag.}

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Ho ho ho...

Something tells me there will be another installment of this saga.

I did resist when I discovered the Family Planning Association's sales website hadn't bothered to renew their address (they have now...)

So, will you be sending a postal mail saying "If you want to see this domain alive again, send £x in used notes to..."?

I think it depends on just how clueless they are. The mail from the magazine did say that they'd tried to call them on the phone number they gave, but it didn't work!?!

The current plan is have something vaguely plausible (Post-Millenial Promotions?) but also a pointer to my own sex toys site.

An "ethical" cyber terrorist?

Or a person who likes to mess with the Nets "rules and regs".

Love the hijacking in any case,

But just where did you spot the URL??

And is it "legal" I wonder, in the eyes of ICANN, regardless of the idiocy of this sextoy company...


Regardless - Hope to make your friends list sometime, I am intrigued!



The ad I saw was in Private Eye, but obviously they've advertised with one of emap's 'young women' things.

Is it legal? Yes. They don't have a registered trademark, as far as I can see.

Oh, you shall come to the ball...

Heh - Still - It shall be interesting - But do yourself some e-commerce and you could make some money of it.

BTW - Those Fleshlights are intriguing.

Heh - I ought to restock my sex toy collection, as I broke one, and lost 2 of them (the worrying aspect is the losing of the two).

As to coming to the ball - Oooh - Well - I see I am now on your friends list (yay) or is there another ball I am missing out on?

Damn I really need to move to London and get friendly with these Bi peeps! That dating & socialising pool in Manchester is no less fun, but far more limited!!

Laterz & cheers


Those Fleshlights are fabulous.

I've had mine for 3 1/2 years - got it from the sex shop run by one of the Boston bi people when I went to the Internationl BiCon there.

Unfortunately, I've never seen one here and it took a lot of searching in Amsterdam to find one there (and that one's in storage until Liam's older...) But even the surface mail from the US is quick.

What got broken / lost?


One Vibrator got broken.
And 1 dildo & vibrator are lost. Presumed MIA.


More worryingly is that my family come and stay with me every now and then - I would DIE if they found it.

Still - Rather amusing that you are gonna give your son a sex toy for a present - but intriguing.

Much like my father will be going on about the amount of sex he had with my mother in Fiji these last 2 weeks next time I meet him...


Still - Better things I could have gotten for Christmas (thats the next time I see him).


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