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Over the weekend, I spotted an ad for some interesting sounding sex toys, complete with an email address. As ever, I added www. to the domain and had a look. No response. OK, well some people don't have a website... let's have a look via whois and see who's behind the anonymous postal address they give.

Not registered.

So I registered it the next day, as you do (this would make a good katyha survey question!)

And the mail's come flooding in over the past two days!

Well, seven identical copies of a 'I've stolen $25m, but it's in a Nigerian bank account and I need an accomplice' spams. Plus a different one. And a ''I've stolen $35m, but it's in a South African bank account...' Amusingly, the last tw?t gives a London fax number, so it's off to the DTI with that one.

Oh, and an email asking how the ad's worked from the publisher.

{I thought I'd posted about this, but going to add a comment, I see that something obviously got in the way of actually pressing 'post'... BTW, if you think you're missing something here, it's probably because you're not on my friends list - half my posts get the friends-only tag.}

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