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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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It still wasn't as good as the one on the Psion
mini me + poo
Before I changed to use CyanogenMod on shiny, it had a Google Calendar application. Was this part of HTC's Sense skinning? Because I cannot find it in the market at all. (Oh, and Google, 'play' is a silly name for an application market..)

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Are you looking for that particular one, because I think almost all Android calendar apps sync with google. I use CalenGoo because I got it free beta and thought it worked nicely enough to be worth a few quid.

Ah thanks. Searching for that one did show aCalendar which does all that I want, better than the one I was actually looking for, including my main two problems with it - no week view and no way to set the default reminder to 'none'.

I was thinking of you recently because of the cycle ride and hoping it wasn't while the weather was so foul. I looked it up last night and saw it was last week. At least that was better than April, but still I'd have looked at the more or less accurate forecast and gone 'Nope!' Did you do it?

No, I put off fundraising for a while because I couldn't be bothered to work out how to make a justgiving page that was suitable for work and friends, then as it got to a point where I really needed to get on that, FOE was annoying me and I was feeling discouraged about being too slow and doing long training rides throughout winter, so I quietly let it go.

I went to my bike shop today to ask if a more road-focused bike might make me faster. The guy said no, it's just me!

Having two justgiving pages would be too obvious :)

What he meant was 'We don't sell recumbents'. Much more comfortable to ride, you go faster for less effort, and you get to turn drivers into Teletubbies ('Whaaat's thaaat?!?') The only issues are that they're more expensive (although still cheaper than a top notch upright) and you can't use your body weight when starting off / to honk up a hill.

Not sure about going faster on the flat, but I know they're slower uphill, and if I didn't have to go up hills I'd be faster anyway! The idea of a seat is nice, but probably not nice enough to convince me to ride at car wheel height anyway, never mind the cost and the weird masses of chain.

You absolutely go faster on the flat - on my old upright, I was ok, but you have to be very good to go faster than me on the 'bent. My being able to keep up with the flashier uprights used to annoy some of them so much, I found it difficult not to laugh. (And they never had an entire class of school children go 'Nice bike, mate!') You also go past everyone on the descent who went past you on the climb :)

You're also not a car wheel height, at least on most, you're at car seat height = your head is at the same level as the car drivers', rather than above their roofs. So you get eye contact (good) and see the Teletubby effect (hilarious), both of which means you're safer.

The only exception is when moving past a queue of cars on the inside, when you can't look over it to see if someone's letting someone coming the other way turn right into your path. It only happened to me once, but a full on emergency brake leaves you standing up rather than having gone over the handlebars, and once you know it's an issue, you can look out for gaps in front of side roads.

I don't pass anyone on descents, thought I suppose they might be less scary in a 'bent. Maybe when they come down to a price where I'd be willing to leave one unattended.

Since using CM7 the only thing I cannot get to work is my Outlook calendar. It's driving me ape. Connection to the Exchange server is fine. But no calendar.

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