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To please Paul
mini me + poo

I've booked for ...have YOU?

BiCon 2002, 16th-18th August, Leicester, UK. Accommodation deadline July 31st.

Mind you, I'm one of the organisers...

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...but we just came out with the new improved version!

Hi Ian,

I am planning my holidays when the 20th UK national BiCon is around. I will probably be in Iceland (!) at that time.

The invitation poll for the 20th UK national BiCon sounds like this:
- Ireland: three times
- UK: two times

I wish you all the success you need my love. I will let you know when my holiday plans change. But I am still a little bit bi burn-out, I'm sorry. I felt that when I was in Cologne from July 3 untill July 7th, while the EuroPride was going on.

I'm writing a contribution for the 1st Irish BiCon, which will take place on Saturday July 27th. This is a translation of the workshop programme "What do you want in the bi-movement" that you co-facilitated.

Remember the olde dayz...

Hug, Hilde

If you go, have a lovely time in Iceland - elfgeek@lj, who you might have met at a BiCon as Casey, posted something about it before going earlier this year: - and if you want some time in London...

I'd managed to miss that there's something happening in Ireland then. Hmm, is my memory at fault or did they keep it quiet?

Did you ever write up the results of the workshop we did?

Hey, that was less than a year ago!

Hi Ian,

I replied in a personal e-mail to you.

Love, Biwonderful4u

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