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LJ now has a 'singles' matching feature
mini me + poo
It's at ... but what do you think the 'your status' options are? You can be

Not Available
Male; seeking female
Male; seeking male
Female; seeking male
Female; seeking female

Pick one! You'd think that, given the popularity of bisex* as an interest, they'd have a clue that this isn't quite right. Then there's the 'more than two gender identities' issue, and the 'more than one person looking / sought' one...

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Have you suggested they fix it?

Yep, in lj_nifty, which is where I found about about it:

"LJ Singles was just a quick hack so I'm not sure that was considered. This may be changed in the future."

hehe. Livejournal rocks my socks

well nothing new there then!! But suggesting further options might go to some degree of sorting it out? Depends on the "moral" and "sexual" outlook of the originators I suppose?

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