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Dangerous #2

While waiting for a play to start at the cinema last Saturday, I had a browse on shiny.

ElReg (the Register Hardware, actually) topically had ten father's day gift ideas:

An iPad audio docking thingy, yawn;

An Roomba-like floor washer, yawn;

The Kobo Touch eReader, if I were going to get one, this is the one I'd get, but...;

A wrist massager to help you sleep, erm if I want to sleep, I can use another form of wrist exercise;

A clip on lens for your iPhone's ishy camera to give 360 degree views, yawn, that's what Hugin is for with better cameras;

A fitness watch with GPS to measure how far you've run, yawn;

A satnav, yawn;

A smartphone controlled quadricopter, quite nice but crap flight time and not for £280;

Some headphones, yawn; and last of all...

Zombie shopping mall experience... Zombie shopping mall experience!?!

The 1978 Dawn of the Dead was one of the very first X (what we now call 18) rated films I saw at the cinema* and it remains a favourite: the zombie apocalypse has arrived and four people find a shopping mall that would be perfect to live in, if it weren't for the zombies wandering around ('What are they doing?' someone is asked in one spoof, 'Satirising consumerism' comes the reply) and the biker gang who would like it too = I've wanted to do this for 34 years.

So that's the Father's Day, xmas and birthday present sorted :) I'm booked in to do it on Friday 13th July. I'm not even complaining that the price on wish.co.uk is £20 more than in the review.

Me! Shooting zombies!! In a shopping mall!!!

* I was under age, I'm not quite that old yet...

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