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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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By coincidence
mini me + poo
.. JA had a sample day at the secondary school down the road. One of the questions in the science sheet is "Which part of a plant makes food?"

Currently, my best answer is 'the edible bit(s)'.

Tonight's meal included fruits, stalks, leaves, roots, tubers, and legumes...

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Is it stuff they're supposed to know already, or will be learning soon? Chloroplasts might be covered in year 7.

Surely leaves will do for a year 6...?

Leaves for year 6. They don't do xylem and phloem and anything more till GCSE and I don't think (poss an early year 7 thing) they even do photosynthesis in anything more than "sunlight to leaves, plants make food" and possible hide one plant in the dark and one not etc.

....wait a minute... JA... secondary school... does not compute!

Just coming to the end of year ten, so the secondary school entrance stuff is just starting as several decisions need to be taken by the middle of September. We're in range of two grammar schools in Lincs, and they're having open evenings this week.

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