Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Allez allez

A few days ago, I was looking for something on itv.com's coverage of the Tour de France and noticed that Bradley Wiggins was something like evens to win, but Chris Froome was 14-1. Hmmm, he's on the same team as Wiggins, so he's not going to be allowed to win in normal circumstances, but it would only take a bad day for Wiggins in the mountains or a crash for that to change. And the chances of that happening are rather lower than 14-1, hmmm. Team Sky might want Wiggins to win, but they'd rather win than have someone from another team do so.

Of course, after his performance in the time trial, Froome's odds plummeted, and with the tough bits of the Alps done they are lower still.

Tomorrow, it's shooting zombies for me rather than watching the Tour...

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