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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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What ever happened to...
mini me + poo
In bed last night, I was thinking about how Jo Anna could explain that, although there's no hyphen, she has two first names.

The analogy I thought of was of a 'double A side' single. But since CD singles became the main selling medium for singles, do these still exist? How do you have a 'double A side' CD single anyway? Issue them with different first tracks? (And did cassette singles of 'double A side' singles play differently on the different sides?)

Are they as doomed as the memory that, to name just two UK number ones, Mull of Kintyre and The Model, were really 'double A sides' (and that the forgotten side was better in both cases?)

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Led Zeppelin's Hey Hey What Can I Do (which was not on any of the original albums) was released as the flip side to Immigrant Song. It was not officially a double-A, but the B side gets more radio play.

Whole Lotta Love/Living, Lovin Maid was an official double-A, I guess, since after it left the charts, the single was re-released flipped.

(I knew about the former, but when I did a web search to verify before posting, I discovered the latter. :)

Of course Spitting Image's Chicken Song and I've Never Met a Nice South African were released as a double B side - though I much prefer the latter.

Yeah, I reckon the term 'double A side' is destined to go the way of the term 'record'; my 7 year old nephew refers to records as 'CDs'.

Here's a vaguely interesting (if you're a vinyl anorak, like me) posting about double A sides. It doesn't mention how they counted in the chart listings: I seem to remember that they could count twice somehow, but that the artist only got one fee.

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