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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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That takes me back.. and back.. and back..
mini me + poo
Some years ago, L and I were going to somewhere in North London (Trish's birthday or similar). Because of the late finish, we went in the car.

Unfortunately, somewhere on the approach to Tower Bridge, we missed a turning, had to use a different bridge, and ended up having to go on a huge detour through the City: there was no way to get back to the original route.

I was reminded of this today. Going to Leicester (actually the venue for BiCon 2011 - what's the betting that some of the faults are still there?) was going well up to the point where I took the wrong lane in a city centre junction. Argh, miles of detour, not helped by the way that one critical east-west road is closed for roadworks.

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Do let me know if Leicester faults are still there ;)

Well, the door to the TV room still slams shut with much volume.

I have just had a wander / meander over to the new conference centre. They have stripped out everything - there's no bar, for example. The end result has a greater capacity but fewer toilets...

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