Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

I'm s h o pp i n g

Today I bought five CDs and a book for what I would have paid for one of them. (A pound, as it happens.)

Why am I annoyed that one CD isn't what it says on the cover - I would say what, but it's guilty pleasure time - and another is in such bad condition that cdparanoia is still working on the first track of twenty two (and has had to make at least one guess = that track will be, to my fussy ears, unlistenable to)?

It's nice to have one of the other CDs at last and the book looks good, but grrrr.

At least I pointed people at the only good game in the shop. I would have snapped it up, except I already have, erm, blush, two editions already, including that one...

Update: the first track alone has 8k-odd sectors, and after 16-odd hours, cdparanoia still hasn't got to #800. Time to give up, I think.

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