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Wouldn't you?

I've been reading about the Rangers FC tax case - one of Scotland's two biggest football clubs used a variety of dodgy means to cheat the taxman and other teams for more than ten years, and many (but not all, yet) of the chickens came home to roost at the end of last season. A couple of amusing quotes from sites about the actual case or background info:

Scotland has a seven hundred year history of asking for help from south of the border in times of trouble and internal squabbling. It has rarely gone well. When King Alexander III died in 1286 without an heir, Scottish nobles asked Edward I of England to referee. Things went so badly, Mel Gibson made a film about it.

I wonder what effect the Rangers affair will have on the independence referendum. It's clear that Scotland's media - most reporting was even more inaccurate than Braveheart's version of history - and institutions are not what they could be. Those either doing the dodgy deals or looking the wrong way to see them relied on the masses' unthinking loyalty to the cause. 'Wave the colours, and they'll go along with anything' was the unspoken but necessary foundation.

Plus is being denied admission to the 'top table', but pointed to the lowest division what would happen to Scotland itself?

The arrangements between Mr Buchanan and Mr Mills were not at first attended with a great deal of formality. Mr Mills simply wrote Mr Buchanan a cheque for £500,000. Afterwards Mr Mills sought legal advice; he asked for the return of his money, which was refused; thereafter the parties dealt with each other more warily.

I bet they did :)

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