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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Audition, the movie
mini me + poo
Coo, if there were an award for Worst First Date Movie, this would be a contender.

But is the Japanese for 'deeper, deeper' really what sounds incredibly like the English phrase 'here kitty kitty'??

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I believe the worst first date film ever (exclusing out right pr0n, which might or might not be a problem depending on the person) is Leaving Las Vegas. It's just so black and so unremitantly depressing that it would kill all fledgling relationships dead.

Not seen Audition - is it any good?

It may be good in an abstract kind of way (good production values etc), but it's really really upsetting. I saw it on a date (the other person's idea) and we split up shortly afterwards.

I dunno, maybe I'm shallow, but Audition left me depressed for days. And I don't normally get depressed.

I think the bleakest film is probably Brazil - had Gilliam ended it 60 seconds sooner, it would have made millions more. (But would it have been a better film? Discuss.)

Audition is certainly very good in that it makes you squirm, which is what horror films are supposed to do. But it makes you not want to be alone with anyone you haven't done a full positive vetting on.

Given the choice of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction and a character here, I'd have no hesitation in saying 'bye-bye bunny...'

I dunno - Brazil has enjoyable moments. Leaving Las Vegas is constant misery. There's also Painted Angels - a film about a small whorehouse in Canada in the late 19th century which is as depressing as it sounds. But very good. But I can never recommend that anyone goes to see it cause it is so bleak.

I just think Brazil's up up up DOWN ending is bleaker, because of the contrast, than down down down.

I once staggered out of Last Exit To Brooklyn which my younger self had gone to thinking "Hooray - a film with gay people in, wheeee!"...

I now firmly prefer my entertainment to be entertaining.

Saw a black comedy about incest and necrophilia by this director at a film festival last year and literally laughed myself out of my seat. Title “Visitor Q”. Highly recommended. Haven’t see Audition though.

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