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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Things I haven't got around to writing about properly #1
mini me + poo
Our fruit crop this year, from four raspberry canes, about six strawberry plants, one (thornless) blackberry shoot and one blackcurrant bush was...

About four raspberries and possibly one strawberry. Cost at least two pounds per fruit, possibly four.

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Well, if you can snag a tiny jam jar from a hotel's breakfast room.. ^_^

What went wrong? I dare say the weather wasn't the greatest help, given the presence of summer in the UK this year only on the calendar.

I am currently blaming the weather, but those wild ones taunt me every time I go back there :)

Was it their first year in, or were they left unpruned last year? My enormous plum tree and sizeable cherry tree yielded one plum crumble and half a dozen cherries this year. I think the rasp canes are dead. On the plus side, we found

three Prunus, probably apple, trees we didn't know we had, so hopefully they will produce something next year.

We got a new miniature apple tree in a tub.. It had a few flowers and no apples this year. Better luck next year? Daughter had lots of stuff in raised beds in her communal back garden. They had plenty of peaches and apples last year but almost none this although there were some strawberries. not many though, again lots last year. But there were lots of green beans and spinach in the back garden and the community centre one. I know, grandson and I picked them for her.

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