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It's not unknown for me to see two productions of Don Giovanni in a year (on Saturday, I'm seeing the third, blush) but I think I've only once seen two full Magic Flutes in a year. The one I am most familiar with is the ENO production from the 1980s which has recently had its last performance (for the third time, but they promise there won't be a fourth), so when I saw that Scottish Opera were doing it in Edinburgh while I was there, I wanted to see it.

And it was very good. The orchestra was smaller and consequently their sound was noticeably thinner, and only one of the singers was excellent, but I could hear every word up in the Upper Circle (it was in English with surtitles, but I didn't need them at all).

The highlight was the translation. The ENO production uses one by Jeremy Sams which was also used by the open air production I've seen. There's a line or two from that which I missed, but it was quickly apparent that this one's translation is superb, certainly in terms of being funnier (an achievement in itself). Afterwards, I looked at a flyer: it was done by Kit Hesketh-Harvey... ah ha!

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