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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Food conspiracies
mini me + poo
The other thing that's annoyed me this week is that three favourite foods are not available:

Morrisons' sun-dried tomato paste - an absolute staple here: any tomato-based dish tastes better with a large dollop of this added (along with plenty of oregano). They're discontinuing it. I bought about twelve jars when I saw that, but that will last about a month or two at most. Alternatives exist (Sainsbury's and a popular Italian food brand whose name escapes me both do one) but they've got more oil and less s-dt in them.

Newberry Fruits - this is possibly the only food item I am addicted to. They're the fruit jellies with liquid centres. Some years ago, the Woolworths near the flat had a 'bogof' offer on the 400g boxes, each of which in turn had a free 200g box added = 1,200g of fruit flavoured sugar for about £2.99! That lasted two days. The firm that made them went out of business, someone else attempted to make them and failed (the outer crust wasn't right at all), and the brand disappeared...

... except for occasional sightings. In the run up to last Christmas, £-Stretcher had some £1.99 200g boxes which were reduced to 99p for periods. Oooh. Last week, I see they have some more, except at their £1.99 price. 'They'll be reduced', I say to myself, and leave them on the shelf. Except that some annoying person or persons unknown has bought them all and there's no sign of any more arriving.

Aldi muesli - they still do muesli, but the nut and seed one that was featured in their ads as being particularly good (and it was) has vanished. To make it worse, the ad stayed around longer than the actual muesli did, taunting me with memories of it. Now their 'better stuff' range is in smaller boxes and is either too fruity or not nutty enough.

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Hmm. Maybe I ought to pick up something in the SDT line again.. that said, I suppose I don't tend to be cooking that many dishes now where they'd come in useful. Even with the actually dried versions (vs in oil), I don't seem to be doing that much tomato-based cooking of late, or pizzas, both situations where previously I'd've been snipping SDTs away merrily. Still, if I can find just SDT segments, not in oil, they might work quite nicely in the stir-fry vegetable bases I sometimes concoct, on top of which I'll plant marinated chicken breast, or a supreme burger (with 5% fat ground beef, so even a hefty 250g burger is only around 300 calories).

Going by the online prices for Newberry Fruits, one wonders if they're simply reselling them - some Amazon UK vendor's got them for £4.40 (including postage), and Zap Sweets for £4, plus FedEx. O.o;

I was quite fond of Waitrose's own brand muesli with dried banana for a while - very tasty, and quite cheap too. Nowadays, my granola's just Weetabix's Oaty Bars - the only such bar I've been able to locate that's both low in calories and has a meaningful fiber content. Most of its ilk are about as healthy as biscuits, and crow loudly of all the wonderful grains and fruits involved, whilst ensuring that almost all the fiber's removed, in exchange for more oil and sugar. (Not unusually, I'll just go with a Granny Smith instead. I adore that sharp, sweet tanginess!)

SDT paste is the equivalent of pre-crushed garlic :) but works on its own (e.g. as an alternative to pesto for pasta) and I use it in soups, tomato sauce, burgers, and much else.

I may be addicted, but I am also cheap :) I don't think they're effectively selling them at cost, unless the manager likes them a lot (one of the local £-Stretchers has had them, the other doesn't).

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