Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Next year in Lincoln...

Each year, Lincoln has a very large Christmas market this weekend.

The reviews are mixed, to put it mildly but I'd like to do it at least once. Yes, it will be crowded, but amongst the skills school inadvertently taught me is moving through crowds efficiently without either running or annoying too many people*.

OK, the best day to go is clearly going to be the first day, Thursday.

Two years ago, a) I wasn't anywhere near here and b) the whole thing was cancelled because of the weather.

Last year, I get to the small station that's the main link to Lincoln in plenty of time, but when the train arrives from Leicester and Nottingham, it is packed solid. Even I can't get on**. The state of the train must have been known about at least as far back as Nottingham, but of course no announcement was made and by this point it was just too late to go to the larger station and get one of its rare trains to Lincoln. Not that there's any point waiting where I am - as well as being cold, it's going to be at least an hour before the next one and that could be just as packed. Oh well, next year...

This year, I go to the larger station, only to discover that someone's been hit on the line to Lincoln that both stations use. The delay's going to be about an hour and involve coaches which are going to be caught up in the road traffic going there. Oh well, next year...

* There could be a big difference between being at the front of the lunch queue and being at the back, and the route was a series of staircases and long corridors, with an entire year group trying to get down them quickly without being spotted running.

** Despite having to get to the health promotion course in Stratford one day a week for two terms - the sensible route involved changing onto the Jubilee line at Canada Water. But that's one stop west of Canary Wharf and trains to that are very, very busy. So you either go west, change platforms, and go east again (= you have to get up earlier) or you get on anyway...

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