Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

A bit more Amazon oddity

When it came out here, and after a few days struggle - which meant I missed the ad-free version of Angry Birds as the free program of the day - I installed Amazon's 'App (sic) Store for Android'.

.. and ever since I've been buying the free programs.

The main device I do this on is the Joggler, not least because it's easy to stop them downloading onto it. I want them in my account, not on it (for one thing, many of them won't work on the Joggler because of a combination of being an x86 device and the screen rotation issue is a bit non-standard on it).

I have also installed it on shiny, used Titanium Backup to back it up, then uninstalled it. (Why? It's too big - just like their Kindle program, it's way bigger than it has any right to be, and space is limited on shiny.) When I wanted it back, for example when I was away from home and the Joggler, I'd restore it, use it and uninstall it again.

And of course, I also installed it on Pris.

Today, my £1.30 'let you attach USB sticks to Pris' cable arrived. The program that makes it work wants root rights and I hadn't actually rooted Pris yet. OK, let's do it this evening. And it worked (second time - after trusting the program that does it to do its work without me touching anything) but this involves a factory reset = you have to reinstall everything.

No problem, especially as everything you've got from the Google store is restored for you automatically. Now for the Amazon App (sic) Store... go to Amazon... download... install... start... sign in...

"Shan't. You have already registered 25 devices."

Erm, WTF?

It turns out that every time you install / restore this PoC, it thinks it is on a new device. So according it it, I had two Jogglers (I allowed the program to update itself), one Pris, and twenty two shinys. (I wish.)

What you need to do is go to Amazon and deregister (sic) the ones that don't exist because they never really did - they were the same piece of kit.

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