Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Lighting a FUSE?

I feel old just typing this, but a surprising 12 years ago, Napster was huge. Designed to share mp3 files, it lead to the creation of Wrapster, which made any file appear to be an mp3 and thus shareable.

When Napster was sued out of existence within the year, nearly all of the dozens of alternatives which sprang up enabled any file to be shared from the start. So who needed Wrapster...?

... until Amazon started offering to store up to 250,000 mp3 files for £22 / year.

Hmm, that's less than half the cost of anyone else's online backup, Amazon are not going to disappear any time soon, and it's vastly less than the £320 they want for storing a Tb of any old files (what 250k 4Mb files works out as).

If I had the skills, I would be pondering doing something that made the PC's file system look like a series of mp3 files, with some form of encryption on the names and contents. You'd be able to 'write' an mp3 file to a directory and have the real file appear on the real file system.

I wonder what limits Amazon have on the mp3s in terms of size etc...

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