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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Help meee
mini me + poo
The Fly Flies

For the past month or so, our 'utility corridor', and particularly the downstairs toilet, have been infested with small flies. Fortunately, they are easy to squish (they don't fly much, the weather means they're not particularly active, and they like light, so most of them congregate on the windows) and some of our eight-legged friends have had a great time, but I still squished about sixty today and that's been the daily average.


Looking around town, I can find some vicious insecticide spray, but the small print goes on (and on) about keeping it one metre from walls and ventilating the room and... other stuff that's hard in a toilet barely one metre wide and less than two deep.

Go for it anyway or something else? What?

Anyone in Streatham want to get me something?

The CEX there has a copy of The Coen Brothers Collection" (4 film version) for £3.

I just want one of the discs - Blood Simple, so if anyone wants to buy it, post me that (if it's a slim box, stick it in an 'half A4' envelope and it's an ordinary letter; if it's a thick one, stick the disc in a plastic cover and...) I'm happy to pay that and you keep the other three films: the wonderful Hudsucker Proxy, the cult Big Lebowski and the weird Barton Fink.

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The insecticide should work - just make sure you open any windows and stay out of the area for a few hours while it does its job.

The flies will come back if you don't work out where they're coming from, though. Have you noticed any unusual/bad smells in the room at all? It could be there's a dead rodent or something.

No, and the cat hasn't shown any interest in anything either. There's a gap in the (inner) wall, by some pipework, but that's been sealed with sticky stuff.. no effect.

Oh, no (openable) windows.

Don't suppose you know *which* Streatham CEX? THere's two.
I should be passing tomorrow so will try to look. If it's not under C in Films I'm not searching the whole store!

Looks like 164 High Road is the one they call Streatham. (It was much easier when there was just one, anywhere. It was a short tube ride away from another s/h place and you could shuffle back and forth between the two, selling to one whatever it would pay more for than the other sold it at.)

Knowing their layout, it will be in Box Sets, rather than generic films, sorted under C.

I went in, but the geek behind the counter confirmed it had been sold. Sorry.

Thank you for looking.

Odd that the website has it in stock - it usually means one of the staff has borrowed it if it's not physically there...

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