Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

The Mayan apocalypse may have (not) come and gone

But the fly one has happened: lots of dead mini-flies on the floor of the downstairs toilet.

Now to ponder what it'd need to use the insecticide spray in the corridor, probably including removing at least half a dozen things that would be much happier without what's effectively a nerve gas on them... like the cat.

Looking for a headline for this post, I remembered the word 'supermuscan' - 'above the power of a fly', thank you to the author of an article in the 70's Games & Puzzles magazine on over specialised words in the dictionary*.

Sadly, it looks like its main use now is seeing which web pages contain the entire contents of a dictionary in order to get hits from people looking for odd words. How have the (not very) mighty fallen.

* Another example was 'case oil', which had a definition something like 'oil in six eight gallon containers packed in a wooden case'. On that basis, if you changed the container size or how many you stored together or what the case was made of, it stopped being 'case oil'...

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