Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Being Human s5e6 again

I saw it again last night, and started making notes of the problems:

Why can't Alex 'Rentaghost' out? Ok, I can take it as a plot device.

Why is her coffin so big? Ok, I can take it as being necessary for filming.
Is this the first time that ghosts have been able to move through things? I don't think I can remember it happening before. This is the first problem: oh, let's stop Rentaghost, but we need to get her out... Let's make something up..

Why does she then do the full 'zombie coming out of its grave' bit, with the sod moving? Either she can pass through solid matter, or she can't.

Given when Rentaghost finished, and when we can now see she was born, how does she know about it? Ok, someone could have told her.

The song and dance. Has Hal ever done something like that? Would the new vampires just sit up on being tapped? If you are going to be silly, why not go full Thriller? It doesn't help that the song makes me think of its much better use in Young Frankenstein.

Fight one. Yawn. Let's line up and go after him one by one.

Fight two. Given the still dodgy revelation in s4e1 about the effects of werewolf blood on vampires, what's the number one sort of weapon any vampire does not use in a fight with one? A blade. What does Hal use? A knife. Problem two: this is stupid.

The deaths in the hotel. I am torn between thinking it would have been better to have shown Hatch do at least one, and thinking it would have been better to save make up some work and not bothered. I wonder how many are crew etc.

The havoc in Cardiff. Talk about low budget. One bus on the pavement, two closed streets, and three corpses. Oh, and couple of other things. It would have been far better to use the early Sunday morning and have deserted streets while pretending it was supposed to be a normally busy weekday.

How did they get from Barry to Cardiff? The same way they get back later, of course!

It was at this point I gave up the list, but for the ending, we know that the devil knows when he is in danger... Except for the ending.

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