Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

So how would you have done it?

I would have acknowledged that Nigel Kneale was much better at ideas for SF/fantasy/horror scripts than almost anyone else, and so lovingly ripped him off, specifically in the way that Prince of Darkness does.

s5e1: The ritual happens in a church cellar, ages ago. It goes wrong, but a daemon is trapped.

Flash forward to now. The old church building is occupied by the 'He shall rise again!' congregation. 'He' soon stops being Christ after the leader has a rummage in the cellar, and the congregation are made to work for the return of the devil.

s5e2-5: Much the same as written, but the congregation expand. Our heroes have the same bad dreams, something to do with the future and the church. At the end, Alex discovers what is going on, and the devil is about to be brought through from his dimension via a mirror...

s5e6: Our heroes arrive to stop it. They are offered their temptations, but decline. What is needed to bring the devil out is someone who can go into the mirror - vampire or ghost - and Hal ensures Alex is put into it. Just then, Rook who has arrived with a gun thinking that the supernaturals are once more up to no good, shoots Tom with a multi purpose silver / wooden bullet. It goes through him, and smashes the mirror...

With evil defeated, but his friends gone, Hal is now alone. He has the same bad dream. It is from the future. The devil is leaving the church.. in the form of Alex! He wakes up. He sees her next to him, and he reaches out, but it is her corpse! He wakes up for real. He misses her desperately - he is in her room. Hal looks at the mirror in the room, and reaches out to touch it. We see his fingers, but not their reflection, get closer and closer...

Roll credits.

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