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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Got an Android phone / tablet?
mini me + poo
The free app (urgh) of the day on the Amazon app (urgh) store is Osmos.

You want this one, even if you just listen to the soundtrack and don't actually play it.

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Why, what's so great about it?

It is a blissful and beautiful puzzle game with a delightful ambient-style soundtrack.

You're this organism, surrounded by anything between a few and lots of others. If you want to move, you tap the screen in the direction you want to expel some mass and Newton's laws of motion take effect by pushing you in the opposite direction (and you'll keep going until you bounce off the edges of the world or you expel more mass) but this makes you smaller. This matters, because if you touch someone bigger than you, they start to absorb you. Fortunately, it works the other way around, and if they're smaller, you absorb them and get bigger. Typical tasks are to become the biggest organism or to eat another specific type of organism.

It's a thoroughly well designed puzzle game throughout, with simple, neat controls - tapping where you want to expel mass means you can see where you are going, for example - the ability to change the difficulty by speeding up or slowing down what's happening, and a good puzzle set.

I have about two or three games on shiny, because of its tight memory situation. This has stayed one of them over a year.

Thanks for the recommendation - i'm finding it confusing cos I keep wanting to tap in the direction I want to go rather than behind me but it's visually and orally compelling

With my otehr comment I meant I can't see a way to post a comment for you only so did it the other way on my own lj and the comment that you made private was only to tell you that, not what i meant to say :)

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