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It's all out there
mini me + poo
I was thinking, in part because of the BiCon 2002 DIY disco, what was the most obscure album I have.

It's probably BRIAN BRAIN- "Unexpected noises", which turns out to be the product of two ex members of Public Image Ltd. I bought it because the cover was good - a man falling from an office block! But the music... Here's a review from the web:

'This first Brian Brain album was truly a milestone. It encapsulated all that was Brian Brain. To say that it bordered on the mediocre would be a gross exageration. There were some unquestionably awful tracks on this album, including "They've got me in a bottle" "Asthma game" "Jet boats up the Ganges" and the title track "Unexpected noises" If you ever get a chance to listen to this album, make sure you are sitting down first because you will fall over laughing if you don't. As a wag from the music press stated at the time "This is the worst band I have ever heard in my life" [Pete] Jones played on several of these tracks and would give him nightmares for years afterwards.'

"Bottle" was the first single: 'Using studio time allegedly "borrowed" from Cliff Richard, it is the result of a couple of very late night sessions when self indulgence ruled. Only the bass solo saved the track from total anonimity. Also now a rarity, if you do come across a copy, immerse in boiling water and make an ashtray out of it. This first [Martin] Atkins release was an early indication of his remarkable talent for his voice sounding shite.'

Don't buy albums just because the cover is good, that's all I'm saying.


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