Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

I may have mentioned this before :)

.. but I am a huge fan of Don Giovanni to the point where I can quite happily have a handful of different productions on CD and DVD. (You learn more about the piece by comparing them.)

So I have some alerts set up to email me whenever the price on Amazon for several versions drops below a couple of quid. Last night - ping, ping, ping - three of them were triggered.

When I noticed, about half an hour later, the first one was showing on the 'from..' price on the relevant page, but not on the listings. Someone else obviously got there first. But the other two were available, and I ordered those.

'Ah, that's interesting, both are from the same vendor'. So I look at what else they have available, and they're a classical music specialist. Plus out of between twenty to thirty thousand items, about five thousand are under a fiver. A browse by price finds some other interesting goodies - I've seen a couple of very good productions of Handel's Julius Caesar over the last year, and I'd like a copy of that, plus a couple of other Handels... then it's off to bed.

I have a look this morning, and they've taken everything offline. There's someone giving them 'never delivered' one star feedback too, which suggests they're claiming they screwed up with some automatic pricing thing. Amazon's rules say marketplace sellers can't whinge if they price something 'wrongly', but annoyingly this isn't really enforced. (Long time readers may remember the bunch in Germany who refused to sell Fluke's Progressive History XXX for the stated price!)

So while my orders haven't been cancelled, I am not enormously optimistic about getting the five things I ordered. It wasn't obvious the prices were wrong: they were all very low but plausible, and between them there were three different prices. Plus it was only about a fifth of their stock that was that low. I can feel a 'you could send me one, I wasted an hour because of your mistake' argument coming on...

.. but at least one other one should arrive: my favourite* 'we'll sell it for a penny less' bunch did their usual thing on one of the Handels I wanted, so I went for that one from them.

* When buying. When selling, they're a pain.

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