Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Given that it wasn't me who did all the work, I don't know why I am proud of this

Our DVD player also plays media files from a USB stick or SD card. It will work with any media files, so long as they are .avi ones :) and it can be fussy about those :(

So sometimes I need to convert .mp4 or .mkv files to .avi and this usually works. It didn't when trying to watch the start of a series last night, and I'm not sure why - the resolution is within what I remember are the limits, the audio part is .mp3, and the result plays ok on the PC.

Hmm, having been reminded of their existence at an otherwise poor art exhibition, what about a small media player that plays anything? Browsing on Amazon shows several, usually with poor remotes or high costs.

In the middle of this, I remember that some people have Raspberry Pi's set up as one, and my Pi is in a box waiting for a use. Within 20 minutes, I have downloaded a version of XBMC for the Pi, put it on an SD card, and connected up the Pi to the TV. And it works!

.. almost, and even the almost is marginal - for some reason, I usually have to double click on the wireless mouse before it will do what I think should be done with a single 'click'. At some point, I will try another one to see if it's the mouse or the system.

But even L was impressed.

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