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Positive post

Apart from the netbook working again (see LJ), what else has been good recently?

I had a good couple of days in London, seeing The Perfect American (very good), not seeing Death in Venice (it was on TV on Monday and I am glad I didn't pay to see it: a good production of a poor opera), seeing Four Farces at Wilton's instead (good), and Merrily We Roll Along (very good).

Since the end of the rerun of the magnificent I, Claudius, I think the only thing I am watching on TV is The Americans - on ITV, it's about a pair of Soviet spies in early 1980s Washington. It works particularly well if you remember the period, but the writing and performances are good if you can't.

Big Bi Fun Day was delightful, as ever.

A book I have wanted for ages fell to 1p+post on Amazon (usual price £30, but there's someone trying to sell on for hundreds!)

TheWorks have more board games on sale, and someone has bought some for me.

Speaking of games, I was going to take one for the BiCon games space. Because of money stuff, I also put it on Amazon... and it sold. Oh, well, I will be bringing others. Except that today I found an even cheaper copy.

Also also on games, someone is expanding their bookshop here to include games, including a space to play them. Maybe I will meet whoever buys the good ones in local charity shops that I don't get.

Some TMI things are very nice at the moment.

BiCon is under a month away....

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