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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Two recent purchases
mini me + poo
If you haven't already seen this, Barnes and Noble are getting out of the e-reader business and so are selling off their existing stock. What this means is that, if you can find some, you can get the Nook HD for £79. As released, this was ok - a very nice screen and good battery life - but very tied to B&N. Then they released a firmware update that included Google's Play Store, so you can install more or less anything on it. Then the third party Android ROM creators got to work, and you can now easily turn it into a nice Android 4.1 tablet (with 4.2 on the way and doubtless continuing support) running anything that doesn't need a camera or GPS.

£79 gets you one with 8Gb of flash memory, but as it has a microSD slot that will accept cards upto 64Gb, this isn't much of an issue. For £99, there's the 16Gb model which may be easier to find now. The alternative is the 9" Nook HD+ now available for £129. I got the one for JA's birthday/Christmas present from John Lewis (two year warranty) and they are out of the cheaper ones, but Argos and uk.nook.com itself may still have some.

Those interested in trance music should have a look at one of the 'Trance Top 100' albums on Amazon's mp3 store: 100 full length tracks (= about 1.4Gb!) for £1.79.

Amazon.co.uk Widgets

I am about a quarter the way through sorting them and so far have six in the 'fab' folder, eighteen in the 'good' and one in the 'ok' one...

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For an even cheaper budget ereader, WHSmith currently has their Kobo Mini on for just £29.99. No idea if its any good but would probably be a nice basic model for a child/teen that you wouldn't worry too much about getting lost or broken.

The big difference is that will always stay as an ok* e-reader, whereas these Nooks can be very capable general Android tablets for about the same cost as a crap one or much less than an equivalent good one.

I think my first generation Nexus 7 was a bargain at the price I paid for it. This has a better screen and battery life and costs just over half as much, for example.

* Provided you've not bought into Amazon's Kindle eco-system / don't want to remove the DRM from Kindle ebooks!

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