Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Free stuff 2

Indie Royale do temporary offers of bundles of games for a low price - exactly how much depends on how long you wait to buy it and what other people have paid for it.

The latest one is free to people who are on their mailing list... along with a free code for someone else. It saves a whole (checks) £1.24 at the moment :) but if you want it...

What with this, Humble Bundle, Indie Gala and, to a lesser extent because they usually let you pick which of the things on offer you want, Groupees, I have a number of game keys I will never ever use. It's somewhat naughty to let someone else have them, but if you like platformers, side-scrollers, or another genre I don't like, let me know and I will see what I have. They invariably work on Windows, some want a Steam or Desura account, some run on OSX or Linux.

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