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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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How data flies
mini me + poo
As someone who remembers just how fast a 10mb/second network seemed, having a 100mb one has been fine...

Until I need to copy more than a TB over it, anyway.

The obvious thing to do would be to take a disc out of one PC, put it in the other, and do it via SATA, but the first PC has to stay working throughout.

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It's all a bit crazy, ne?

I'm at about a 15MB/s cap on my link - 802.11n on 5GHz to the AirPort in the spare room. Not bad, but if I want to start shuffling entire hierarchies between drives, I'll still want to directly connect them to realise the full 30MB/s over USB2. (USB3's another matter, of course, though HDs still cap at around 90MB/s regardless of the external interface)

Bah! I suppose I may have to get some kind of desktop system eventually. =:P Probably just a headless server, though it would be fun to stuff a nice graphics card in for SL - but that's then adding real money. FSM knows, it'd've come in handy in the past few months, though Dandelion's come through regardless, crunching away on contours, night after night. ^_^

You can get a gigabit switch for £11 however...?

That's well worth the upgrade.

When you realise that 10MB/second is sooo sloowwwwwww


And indeed, I remember the speed differences from 10BaseT, 10Mbs hubs to switches, 10Mbps to 100Mbps switches, 100mbps switches with a gigabit feed, then full fat gigabit :-)

I, alas, haven't got my hands on anything 10Gbps yet...

But USB 3 is also pretty astoundingly quick vs USB 2.


The network is done using 200Mbs mains network sockets, so that's a reason not to splash for a fully Gb network.

Similarly even the new PC doesn't have USB3 (AMD A55 chipset rather than the A57-based equivalent that would have been about £80 more) and I don't have any USB3 kit. When I do, a USB3 PCI card is about ten quid.

Is there somewhere that shows the historic prices for 8Gb DDR3 SIMMs? Preferably with a guess about future trends? I can see that they have been significantly cheaper than now... are they going to be again in the reasonably near future?

I have seen price trending sites before, but nothing off the top of my head - will have to have a google...
The best way to predict the future is listen to the news...

But yeah - Heh - I've never seen the Powerline stuff get anywhere near its advertised speeds - However - It does fill a niche - I have the Billion ones in my house, and they've never skipped a beat.
Where as I have a ballache of a time with Netgear stuff.

Just tried Solwise at a clients for the first first time, and it seems to be "okay".

I guess we will see what goes with the 802.11ac stuff when it gets widespread.

Certainly finding that 802.11n stuff only works well with top grade chipsets (Intel 6205 / 6300) - Anything else is flaky and worhless with the 1x1 antennas inspite of being "n" - It's not even n lite.

But yeah, for me, I'm Intel all the way, AMD as a CPU has done nothing but kick me in the balls after a few years use lol

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