Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

It should be more fun to compute

Is it just me, or is Firefox 25 not quite as stable as it should be? I've had it crash twice in the few days since installing it, which hasn't happened since the time it was called Phoenix.

The PCI sound card request looks to be sorted, thanks to asking for one on the local Freecycle at the same time as putting a couple of old graphics cards on it. It's fascinating to see how rubbish manufacturers are about doing Windows drivers for older bits of kit - it results in otherwise high quality working stuff being chucked or, as here, given away.

Before I fit the new card, the onboard sound has thrown up a most interesting issue. If I start a Skype call to the test service, the sound output is somewhat crackly. If I do nothing except move the Skype call window, it improves greatly(!?!) and stays fine. Weird.

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