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Who Who Who

Oddly enough, my first Dr Who memory isn't of the show itself, but of something on Crackerjack* about the transition between the first and second. It included a song ('I'm the old Dr Who..' '.. and I'm the new Dr Who') and I must have seen at least some of the late Hartnells, because I knew what it was about. Looking at the summary of The Celestial Toymaker** is making me think I saw that one, for example, and there's a photo of me as a Cyberman that predates their second appearance.


The 'Greatest Monsters / Villains' countdown last weekend showed what, for me, is wrong with the revival. In an age where long form story telling is behind the most acclaimed TV series, they've gone from being able to devote an entire series to one story arc down to single 45 minute stories. In this case, rather than have anything on the Daleks / Weeping Angels*** / The Master, they showed a couple of minutes of filler, then a single-episode story from the revival. Meh. And seemed to think that the not very good CGI in Dalek was the first time a Dalek conquered some stairs.


Today's Google homepage game is quite nice, but I can't be bothered to do any more than the first level. Or see if selecting an inferior Dr (i.e. anyone other than the fourth) makes any difference.

* 'Crackerjack!'

** Most of which was wiped. You may have heard a cry of 'WTF' when I discovered while browsing WP that both the BBC and ITV wiped / lost / didn't record their coverage of the Apollo 11 landing. None of the Leslie Crowther episodes of Crackerjack**** survive either, so that Dr Who song will have gone.

*** That episode is nice, but second best Monster / Villain? Come on...

**** 'Crackerjack!'

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