Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Definitely more than half full

+ Yesterday evening, JA and I went to a 'puddings evening' at Encounters Restaurant in Nottingham. It's a succession of puddings... ice cream cake, profiteroles, chocolate loaf, clotted cream rice pudding, cheesecake, sorbet, etc etc. It wasn't quite up to the niceness of the other one I went to there (no very, very nice blancmange-free trifle, and the fruit jelly had way too much alcohol this time) but, yes, we were full.

+ Someone offered me more money than I asked for when selling them a game. Thank you!

+ Because Newark library is closed for several months while they fix the lighting and do some other work, the loan on all the books I've borrowed has been extended until May.

- Except one, which was borrowed 'in person' from another library. It was due back earlier this week, and I'd normally just renew it online but someone else wants it, so I can't. Because of the Notts library reminder system* and this**, there's a fine.

So today, I need to go to the library in Balderton - that was the first village towards London from Newark along the old 'Great North Road', but the two have joined and now almost everyone apart from JA thinks that Balderton is part of Newark. Hmm, walk or cycle? It's about a mile and a half and the weather forecast reckons it will be sunny in the afternoon, so cycle.

It's the first time I've used the bike in a while - thank you, horrible weather and most things being closer and/or me needing to carry more, and its tyres need pumping. But that's a couple of minutes and I am soon on my way. Hmm, I'm not getting much attention, am I? As you may remember, if you're riding a recumbent, the only way you'd normally get more attention is to have a naked supermodel on the back. But not many heads are turning today. The drivers here are their usual considerate selves, though.

+ At the library, I renew the book using a trick. Hmm, there're a couple of charity shops around here that I don't get to go to often, let's have a look.

+ Oooh, Mad Men series 1-4*** somewhere that charges 80p for DVDs. No price on it too. The CDs are 40p each, and I want a handful of those too. Go to the till, and the person ponders and prices the Mad Men at £1.50... yes, that's fine... :)

+ Hmm, a bit too much to fit in the back of the bike... walk? No, it turns out that the handles on the cloth bag I've got with me are long enough to go over my head, so I can have it with stuff under my jersey. Must remember that.

+ Riding home, a class of secondary school students is going from their school to one of the primary schools for some reason. They react appropriately :)

- It turns out, when I get home and have a look, that the discs look perfect.. but there's only the first of the three for series four.

But overall, this glass is definitely more than half full.

* They send an email three days before the due date, then about a week after it. If you're like me, you think 'I'll wait three days' on the first and then have to remember... which doesn't always happen. What they should do is send one on the day, and the first day it's late.

** They really should send a 'someone else wants this, you need to finish it and return it, now' email when someone puts a hold on it too.

*** I started watching the first series a few years ago, but never got past half way. I have been meaning to restart it for ages.

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