Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

You're back early, aren't you Ian?

I am not sure whether the issue was at our end (but at least two other places had problems) or at their end in London, but the live broadcast of Don Giovanni from the Royal Opera House tonight was totally unwatchable, with the picture repeatedly breaking up / freezing / disappearing / going out of sync.

You couldn't even shut your eyes and listen to the music - there were thirty one interruptions to the sound during the overture alone. (Yes, I was counting. It was the only thing you could do.) And it stayed like that into the start of the action, which was the point at which the audience gave up, en masse.

The worst bit was the short sections of ten seconds or so when everything was ok before the hope - oooh, is it going to be all right?!? - was dashed by yet another break up / freeze / disappearance / out of sync issue.

Argh. Let's see what they do about it.

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