Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

HoC2 e01 thoughts (spoilers!)

Claire is typically "civil, not criminal" evil in relation to the Gillian Cole wrongful dismissal case, but given her action when they meet, why??? I suspect it depends on whether you think her decision not to try to have a baby is down to a genuine change of mind (in which case handing over CWI to Gillian makes some sense), or what she always intended and she was just finding out more about the drug Gillian needs (in which case, it does not). On first viewing, I went with the second. Looking again, I still do.

Killing Zoe was the big thing that should have happened in series one. They should have cut the filler from that - there's at least one episode that could go - and had it then.

Lovely start (the shot of the empty park before they jog into view) and end (the first speech to camera before moving to the 'FU' - don't tell me I was the only one thinking 'fuck you' - cuff-links).

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